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sued a white paper on the right to development, detailing the country's p▓hilosophy, practice and contribution ▓in this regard.Following is the full text of the document.First Edition 2016ContentsPreamb▓leI. The Philosophy of the Right to Developm

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ent A▓breast with the TimesII. The System Ensuring the P▓eople's Right to DevelopmentIII. Effectively Realizing Economic DevelopmentIV. Enhancing Political DevelopmentV. Promoting Cultural ProgressVI. Promoting Social DevelopmentVII.

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Accelerating Environment-Friendly DevelopmentVIII. Promoting ▓Common DevelopmentConclusionPream▓bleDevelopment is a universal human theme, providing for people's b▓asic needs and giving them hope of better life. The right to deve▓lopment is an inalienable human right, sym▓bolizing dignity and honor. Only through development can we addres


s global challenges; only through developme▓nt can we protect basic civil rights of the people; only through development▓ can we promote the progress of human soci▓ety.China, with a population of over 1.3 billion, is the largest developing country in the



Development is the top priority of the Communist Party of China (CPC) in governanc▓e and national revitalization, and the ▓key to resolving all other problems. Based on its prevailing conditions, China adheres to the Chinese socialist path and to the philosophy that development is of paramo

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. China integrates the principle of universal application of huma▓n rights with the country's reality. Whi▓le striving to enhance the people's wellbeing through development and materialize their right to development, China endeavors to▓ achieve higher-level development by protecting their right to development. In this regard, China has made notable progress and blazed a path in protecting human rights during t▓he


a white paper

on the right to

of human civilization.Since the 1▓8th CPC National Congress in 2012, the CPC Centr▓al Committee with Xi Jinping as its core h▓as highlighted the idea of people-centered development. In the cour▓se of r


ealizing the Two Centenary ▓Goals [Note: The two goals are to complete the building of a moderately prosperous so▓ciety in all respects by the centenary of t▓he CPC (founded in 1921) and to build China into a

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modern socialist country that is prosperous, strong, democratic, culturally advanced, and harmonious by the cente

untry's philosop

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nary of the People's Republic of China (founded in 1949).] and the Chinese Dream of revitalizing the Chinese nation, it has focused on safeguard▓ing and improving people's wellbeing, advanci

ng all social programs, and protecting people's rights to equal

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participation and development. The aim is to sh

and contribution in thi

are development benefits and achieve common prosperity among all▓ people of the country.On the 30th anniver▓sary of the publication of the "De▓clara

tion on the Right to Development by the United N

s reg▓ard.Full text: The Righ

ations," China,▓ dedicated to advocating, practicing and promoting the right to development, is willing to join the internat▓ional community to share its philosophy a

nd expe▓rience in this regard and to boost sou▓n

t to Development: Chin

d development of global human right▓s.I.The Philosophy of the Right to Development Abreast with the TimesEqual acce

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